Groundswell Marketing is a network of senior marketing communications professionals, designers, and technical production talent.

After spending a combined ten years in corporate marketing and the trade show exhibit world, Diana Connolly identified a need in the technology sector for flexible, agile marketing “SWAT” teams to help companies in times of intense activity. She founded Groundswell Marketing in 1994 to fill that need.

Since then, Groundswell Marketing has successfully supported a wide variety of clients, supplying them with high level, experienced marketing staff for short periods of time. This has proved particularly effective for many clients during peak periods leading up to conferences, trade shows, and product launches – critical events that demand all facets of a marketing program come together seamlessly at a single point in time.

Here’s what sets Groundswell Marketing apart from the pack:

We are marketers. Marketing is our roots. It’s in our DNA. All our actions are informed by our understanding that we are there to support and help our clients meet their marketing objectives – whether it’s attracting sponsors, communicating brand messages, or creating a memorable event.

We are tech savvy. Technologic tools help us help you collaborate, communicate, and work more efficiently. Over the years, we have developed and fine-tuned project management templates in Excel, Google Docs, and proprietary project management platforms that minimize “ramp-up” time, and allow us to hit the ground running with your project. We are comfortable working in database programs such as FileMakerPro and SalesForce to help manage marketing lists, as well as registration and housing management for our events. We use CAD design to deliver to-scale space plans that help our clients visualize and make informed decisions about their event space. For graphic and web design, we use the most up-to-date versions of Adobe CS and other design programs.

We are experts in sustainability. We apply the latest sustainability principles to our work. Read more about our sustainability offerings.

How We Work

We start each project by working directly with our clients to define the sales and marketing goals of each project or program. After the scope of work, timeline, and budget are established, Groundswell Marketing puts together a team of marketing professionals tailored to the specific needs of a given project. Our approach allows clients to tap into only the resources they need, and avoid paying agency fees or taking on costly overhead.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your next project. Please contact us for a complimentary initial consultation.