Groundswell Marketing defines success by executing programs that are fiscally, socially, and environmentally responsible.

Fiscal responsibility: we ensure that the projects and programs we undertake stay on budget and deliver ROI.

Social responsibility: we do not promote activities or participate in sourcing that conflicts with human or labor rights.

Environmental responsibility: we are committed to making informed choices about the materials we use to avoid unnecessary waste, toxic emissions, and pollutants. This is a natural extension of efficient operations and good planning.

We have certification in GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)reporting, and have experience with the GRI Event Organizers Sector Supplement, as well as the APEX/ASTM Sustainable Meeting Standards. This means we can assist with collecting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) metrics for CSR or GRI reporting.

We can also consult with your company to develop sustainable policies and programs to implement throughout your organization, specific departments, or events.